Westerly Road
Church Youth

Activities for youth …

Youth from grade 6 and up can get involved at Westerly Road through these activities:

JUNIOR HIGH (6th – 8th grade) meets weekly to offer Junior Highers opportunities to make friends, have a great time and understand more about Jesus Christ. Special events take place throughout the year such as retreats, conferences, contemporary Christian concerts, lock-ins, etc. The Junior High staff strives to develop friendships with the students through regular contact during the school year.

Junior High Winter Retreat, March 2002

SENIOR HIGH (9th – 12th grade) meets weekly at the church for the purpose of community, worship, and teaching. Students will have opportunities to build friendships, encounter the living God, and see how their relationship with God impacts life at school, home, and with their friends. The Senior High staff makes it a priority to build relationships with these students outside of the church, where faith meets the real world. Special events throughout the year include conferences, ski trip, contemporary Christian concerts, service opportunities, camping, etc.

Senior High Mid-week Bible Studies are offered throughout the year, meeting in the homes of students. These allow students with a desire to know God’s Word to be actively involved with other leaders and peers in the study of God’s Word.

Student Worship Team

… with a Purpose

The Westerly Road Youth Ministries have a purpose behind our activities, and a vision of who we want to be:

The Purpose

We exist to build a transformed student into someone who hungers for God’s Word and thirsts for His presence. We then equip that student to do ministry and reach his/her seeking peers for Christ.

The Goal

A Spirit-filled Community

  • Related to God’s Word (in submission)
  • Related to God (in worship)
  • Related to each other (in love)
  • Related to the world (in outreach)

Student Ministry Teams

  • Worship Team
  • Community/Outreach Team
  • Service Projects Team
  • Tech A/V Team
  • Art Team

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