Road Church

World missions have been at the heart of Westerly Road Church from its inception. The church supports 37 individuals or couples, 4 local outreaches and one people-group project. These missionaries share the Good News about Jesus Christ worldwide and locally and are involved in establishing new churches, assisting national churches in growth and ministry, teaching in seminaries and Bible colleges, ministry to cults, medical work, Bible translation, radio ministry, and outreach to high school and university students.

Missionaries supported by WRC


Baka People & World Team, Cameroon
Greg and Sharon Brobst, Kenya, Africa Inland Mission
Ted and Dana Witmer, Kenya, UFM International

Southeast Asia

Walt and Diane Kennedy, Irian Jaya, The Evangelical Alliance Mission
Larry and Alma Oline, Japan, The Evangelical Alliance Mission
Bob and Kay Shade, Japan, The Evangelical Alliance Mission

Central Asia

Phil and Barb, PCA – Missions to the World
K, Christar


Bob and Patty Mendelsohn, Jews for Jesus

Eastern Europe

Scott and Lisa Gill, Bulgaria, Campus Crusade for Christ
Suthy and Rodina MacLean, Ukraine, Fellowship International Mission
John White, Ukraine, CBInternational

Western Europe

Jack and Pat Barentsen, Netherlands, Biblical Ministries Worldwide
Richard and Lenore Brown, United Kingdom
Henry and Alice Bryant, France, UFM International
Ron and Rosa Fisher, Italy/France, UFM International
Ron and Hildegard Furst, Luxembourg, Biblical Ministries Worldwide
Shirley Hinkson, England, Campus Crusade for Christ
Bill and Ruth Ann Lewis, France, Campus Crusade for Christ
Woody and Sue Lewis, France, UFM International
Lynn and Karen McAdam, Germany, OC International

South America

Sergio and Marcia Nascimento, Brazil, UFM International
Dave and Jeanette Smith, Brazil, Word of Life
Doug and Audrey Smith, Institute of Latin American Studies

North America

Campus Ministries

Agape Christian Fellowship, Princeton University
Matt Coburn, Cornell University & Ithaca College, Campus Crusade for Christ
Brian Fields, Campus Crusade for Christ
Jon and Anita Hinkson, Yale University, Campus Crusade for Christ
Dick Kocses, Navigators, The College of New Jersey
Manna Christian Fellowship, Princeton University
Princeton Evangelical Fellowship, Princeton University

Support Ministries

Brom and Betty Cowser, USA, World Reach
Ted and Peggy Fletcher, Florida, Pioneers
Jack and Darlene Largent, Overseas Missionary Fellowship
Abe and Joyce Wiebe, Arab World Ministries
Marc Young, International Teams
Tim and Cindy Zulker, The Philip Center

Youth & Family Ministries

Alpha Pregnancy Center
Mercer Christian Academy
John Schleh, Philadelphia, Teen Haven
John & Jude Tiersma Watson, InnerChange

International Students

John & Aruna Desai, International Students Inc.
Bob and Susie Lawton, Baltimore area, Fellowship International Mission
Jim and Jean Montgomery, Florida, UFM International

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